Hamid Dehghani, a director, playwright, and actor, hails from Buraki-ye Olya, a village in southern Iran. During his career in Iran, he received numerous awards and recognition for his work in the theatre. Some of his notable productions include his own original scripts, From the Environs of Milad and Sohrab’s Transgression, as well as productions of Nathan and Tabileth by Barry Bermange and Leila by Morteza Hossein Zadeh.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Directing from Tehran University of Art, Hamid spent over a decade working professionally in Tehran’s thriving theatre scene. In 2018, he made the move to the United States to further his education and pursue new opportunities.

At Northwestern University, Hamid directed memorable productions of A Moment of Silence by Mohammad Yaghoubi, Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, and Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo by Rajiv Joseph. He has also had the privilege of working as an assistant director at esteemed institutions like the Metropolitan Opera, Court Theatre, Northlight Theatre, and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

Despite the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic, Hamid co-founded Grass Studio Theatre and directed three collectively devised pieces – Picnic, Story in a Box, and Reportage of a Room – at various outdoor locations in Chicago.

Today, Hamid is a professional who adds a distinctive viewpoint to the American theatre scene. With an MFA in Directing from Northwestern University and his role as Artistic Fellow at Northlight Theatre, Hamid endeavors to bring new and intriguing narratives to life through his productions. As a director, he is focused on using his lived experience to bring a unique perspective and creative vision to the stage, emphasizing on elevating the theatrical language and pushing the limits of the industry. Hamid’s current project, Baba by Denmo Ibrahim at Amphibian Stage, showcases his unwavering commitment to advancing the possibilities in theatre.

Hamid Dehghani

Theatre Director and Playwright